Health Club


( /’maıteı/ MY-tay ) is a female given name of Basque origin meaning love.

Our mission is to cultivate a safe and inclusive space for all individuals, regardless of height, gender, age, or fitness level.


( /,rɛfə’meıʃn/ ) the action or process of reforming an institution or practice.

Embrace the ethos of „Join the Reformation (at every level)“ as we break down barriers and welcome everyone into a holistic fitness experience that integrates Pilates, Reformer and Yoga.


The reformation

(At every level)


Our core values and mission, a bit about who we are and what Maité is.

( 1 )

No Judgement

We take (at every level) serious and encourage any gender and level of fitness to enter our safe space.


( 2 )

Self-Care & Well-Being

All we ask you is to take the time you seek and allow a body mind connection.


( 3 )

No Comparison

At Maité we do not care about how fit you are or how flexible you are. We encourage you to not compare yourself with your neighbour. Treat your body with kindness regardless of it’s shape and level of fitness.



( 1 )

Spine flexibility & core strength

You are only as young as your spine is flexibel.

( 2 )

Body mind connection

Creating mental clarity and enhancing your mood whilest allowing the communication between your thoughts and your feelings.

( 3 )

Tension & healing

Stimulation of the lymphatic flow that promotes healing, aligning your posture and relieving tension.

Opening hours:

from 7am–8pm