Sporty Club

Step into our Health Club. Nestled in the greenest and most eco- friendly locale in Neubaugasse 64–66, 1070. Experience a feel-good environment adorned with calming colours, creating a soothing yet homey atmosphere. Get ready for grand-venue reformer, yoga & co. experience.

In our space, everyone is welcome. The entrance offers a large entry bar where you check-in for your classes and can order your favourite Matcha, Coffee or Nutritious Shake post-workout. A cozy space for you to hang out with your friends is also where we share the latest trends on wellness with you through our concept store.

( just breathe )

The Concept Store

Here you can discover a curated selection of wellness products from both Maité and from around the globe. Our latest merch, finds and obsessions can be found here (clean beauty, tote bags, athleisure, etc.).

feelin' flow

Luxurious Amenities for Your Comfort

Indulge in the luxury of our facilities. For our guests, we offer spacious changing rooms, rejuvenating *pink showers, private toilets, and a fully equipped hair station with top-tier gadgets such as a Dyson hair dryer.

feelin' flow

( leisure )

( pleasure )

Opening hours:

from 7am–8pm